Bull Creek, Mitchell Co

Leased out some acres in Bull Creek Area in Mitchell Co. Tx. Anyone know if anything is going on in that area?

What part of the county is that?

Who did you lease with

Don't know exactly myself and 2 other sisters sign with some land company. We all 3 got different lease terms. We still don't know how many mineral acres there is. We settled for 400.00 an acre with 5/16ths for 3 year lease. I guess I will have to make a trip to Mitchell Co. Courthouse to fine out other info. This was about 4 months ago. We received that first check. Now another company has approached us wanting to buy the mineral rights.

Bull Creek is in the southwest corner of Mitchell County.

Ok found some paper work. It was leased by Lincoln Land and Title. It was in Section 17-BLK 19-LNCS. Still trying to find out my interest in how many acres.

Sarah, look on the check stub from Lincoln. It should tell you the net acreage from your lease there.

I checked is states initial bonus consideration for Paid up oil and gas lease dated 3/6/12 covering the sarah alice cannon interest in all of section so and so mitchell co. tx. Net acres: 1.000 Does that mean i only have one acre or does that mean they are only paying me up front for one acre and more to come later?

Sarah, Not sure about that. Mine said "full bonus consideration" and listed my indidvidual share of the total acreage that my family and I own. Since yours is "initial bonus consideration", I don't know. Probably worth a call to Lincoln.

Has anyone in Mitchell county worked with either KEW or FireWheel Exploration regarding oil/gas leases? If so, what are their reputations? Are they trustworthy and legitimate?