Bryant 25-24 UW1H division orders

Looking for information on Cheyenne petroleum section 24 1n 4w. When will they be sending out division orders for the Bryant well?

The Bryant 25-24 UW1H was completed 11/3/19. The active date on the OTC tax site is listed as 11/15/19. So probably won’t see a Division Order until May or so. Given the current COVID shut down, that might be delayed as many employees are trying to work from home and things are not always moving as quickly as they had before.

If they have your W-9 they have to pay even if you never return a division order (Oklahoma Law). So get that tom them right away.

If you do not get paid by mid June, then send a certified mail return receipt requesting payment and interest.

I appreciate any info. Thank you. I’m just wondering with all that has been going on if there was any info

You can follow any well information by looking on the OCC website. Test

Type 2501N04W into the location box and you can see all the forms that have been filed.

I received my Division Order yesterday, April 17th.

Is that the division order for the Bryant 25-24 UW1H ??? … I hope we get it’s soon as well that would be awesome

Rick- hope you get your DO soon. Assuming you have clean title you should get a nice check for your first one. I caution you you that the next check will probably be less than 10% of your first one. Don’t count on much going forward. I hope that this doesn’t last long but history doesn’t tell us things will be good anytime soon.

Yes it’s for th Bryant 25-24 UW1H

Good initial production, but a typical 25+ percent drop in oil production from January to February.

I still haven’t received my division orders I might need to update my address again just in case

Send your information along with an executed W-9 to the operator certified mail.

I received my first check from Cheyenne on the Bryant 25-24 today!

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