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Any leasing in Garfield County right now

Any leasing activity or drilling in Bryan County, OK - Haven't been on in a while Any thoughts/comments appreciated


I am searching for info on two wells that were permitted in 2011 in Sec. 24-6S-8E (Berghauser No. 1 and Bruton No. 1). Has anyone heard anything concerning these wells?

Haven't heard anything in a while RE: New Leases or New Wells in Bryant County

Looking for any information on current or new leases in Bryan County

OK - We have an 80 acre parcel

any news on what might be a well in Texoma? I leased to Continental in 2008 for five years..Sec. 12-6S-12E....six plus acres. The lease is up in a few days and don't know if they ever drilled, if wells are completed, etc. Does anyone have the status on this area before I call them and ask if they want to release it or not

Elizabeth, after checking the OCC website, I see no activity in Sec. 12-6S-12E by any oil company.

Have property in W/2 NE/4 Section 34-7S-11E

Bryan County, OK

Any news on mineral rights in this area?

Has there been a well drilled in 6s 8e in the last 3 years by XTO, Mid Continent or Chesapeake? Saw discussion about sec 35 and 24. Did ant of it happen? Regards to all.......russ


In 2012 XTO completed the following 4 wells:

Bruton 1-24

Caden 1-26D35

Durant Industrial Authority 1-27

Murphy 1-34H35


I see no activity in 34-7S-11E so far this year as far as either drill permits issued or wells completed.

Looking for info on

W/2 NE/4 Section 34-7S-11E

Bryan County, Oklahoma

We have mineral rights in this location

Any news of Leases, etc.?

Looking for info on who to lease thru or if there has been any activity close to where our mineral rights are Sec 07-06S-08E.....had a lease that was up at end of April 2014 with Chesapeake

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Anyone know of any activity in 11-7S-9E in Bryan County?? What might be a good sale price?