Brother has one-third of mineral rights, is mentally ill and dissapears at will need advice

Myself, my sister and my brother all have a 1/3 share in a mineral rights interest when my parents divorced. We all signed on recently for a five year lease but my brother is scizophrenic and has last been senn in pennsylvania, and wants nothing to do with the mineral rights, any money that comes from them, the company that leased them from us, nor any of the family. He disapears at random and doesnt show up until it suits him. Is there any way to work around him? He won’t give anyone power of attorney. The taxes are all paid up and have been paid every year by my sister. Any advice is welcome thanks.

If your brother is NCM, a power of attorney does no good. It is only as good as the mental capacity of the one who granted it, at the time they granted it.

How about contacting a lawyer and explore conservatorship proceedings?

Sorry you have to deal with this. Truly.