Brockton-Froid Fault Line

I recently saw a presentation from Continental Oil and their map
indicated that oil drilling would end east of the Brockton-Froid fault
line. It was told to me that a fault line stops the oil. But I noticed
that the field in Canada is west of the same fault line.

Do the drilling companies have plans to eventually lease and drill
between the Brockton-Froid fault line and the Poplar fault line west
of Williston?

I have attached the location of the presentation below:

On the map it indicates that they are not interesed in anything west
of the Brockton-Froid fault line. I know that it has been an issue for
companies dealing with the reservation. How do they manage to work
with the Three Affiliated Tribes? They must have the same long process
as Ft. Peck in dealing with the BIA. Or did they streamline their
processes and Ft. Peck did not?

I guess my question really is: Aside from the problems dealing on
reservation land, do they even think there is oil west of that fault
line? Or does it cut off at the fault line? If there is oil, I would
imagine eventually they will get to it.