Breach of lease agreement

I own minerals in sec20, T7, 2W as well as minerals in sec 17,t7,2w. We signed a lease with ProMinerals Partners. Terms 2,000 per m/a and 3/16. ProMinerals has filed the lease in November 2019 with the county courthouse, but we have not received any bonus consideration agreed upon. It has been 5 months since filing and ProMinerals is not responding to inquiries. They offered to let us out of the lease, but I told them I was very happy with the agreement and didn’t plan to allow them out of their commitment. Haven’t heard from them since. Who do I contact to get performance under the terms of the lease?

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My guess is that they were hoping to flip the lease before they paid you and they couldn’t find a buyer, so they are stalling before paying you and hope you want out. I have acreage nearby and was offered about four times less, so you got lucky-if you can get paid. You may need to contact an attorney to help you get paid. There are several listed in the Directory above. You can look up several comments posted by Mr. Winblad concerning this very issue.

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