Brazos county transfer of royalty with producer

My mother owned mineral rights in Brazos county. She filed a transfer upon death deed in 2016. She passed away in January 2022. We completed necessary affidavits and they were filed in Brazos county and returned to us. We then contacted the producer, who had held her royalties in suspense for over two years for a bad address (although she had not moved for the past 12 years). We furnished them everything they requested in May. They are now saying they will review said information in July. Is there a time frame in which they must respond. I feel like we are getting the run around.

That time frame does sound about right but depends upon the operator. However, contact them about July 15 by Certified Mail return receipt so that you know that they have received it. Give all the details and and copies of what you already sent. TX law requires that they respond to a certified mail letter. Most companies are really backed up right now, so it may take awhile.

Thank you for the response. Since WildFire took over Hawkwood, they have held her royalties in suspense for a supposed bad address. We have notified them that her address never changed. Shouldn’t they be required to release the suspended payments immediately?

If your mother were still alive, then upon notification that her address was valid, the company would immediately send the funds to her. As she is deceased, the company has to be certain that the funds are paid to the heirs in the correct proportions. That is presumably what the July review will verify. As a side note, a bad address can be the result of a letter being returned to the operator by the post office, instead of properly delivered. Sometimes a letter is delivered to the wrong house and the person at that address will write “not at this address” and put it back mail. The post office assumes that the note was done by a new house owner and so return it to the original sender.

Thank you for your reply

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