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My father had rights to a producing well in Manvel in the 1980s and we haven't been able to track it down. All my mother remembers is Arena Drilling Company and Riley Oil Company of Fort Worth. Does anyone know anything about these two companies and how I could find out about those mineral rights?


Welcome! I'm glad you joined the site and the Brazoria Co. discussion group.You can find Arena Drilling Company in a search on "Google." I could not find Riley Oil Company on a Google search. I have several suggestions:

1. You can search the Texas Secretary of State website for business entities and/or corporations for only $1.00 per search. Enter the following website address: and select SOSDIrect or Google "SOS." Click on "enter Site" at the bottom of the page, sign up, and do a search for $1.00 per search. This search will find the company even if it has been merged or is no longer active. One of the filings will give you the name and contact information of the company's registered agent. It will also give you information about an merger or reason for inactivity.

2. Search the Brazoria Co. deed records online at the Brazoria County Clerk's office website - Google it. The Memorandum to the oil & gas lease with your father should be filed in the county clerk's office under the name of your father. You can also search under the name of Riley Oil Company and find the most recent filing of a lease to get Riley's most recent contact information when they were active in Brazoria County.

3. If your father is deceased and his will was probated, check the "Inventory & Appraisement and List of Claims" which is filed under his (estate's) name in the courthouse where his will is filed. The Inventory should list the legal description of any active mineral interests with producing wells at the time of the filing of his will/probate of his estate.

4. Check with the Texas Railroad Commission for producing wells in Manvel in the 1980's, especially under the names of Arena Drilling Co. & Riley Oil Co. Brazoria County is in District 03. Check the Texas Railroad Commission website (Google it) or for assistance, telephone:


Director, Ron Smelley


For Arena Drilling's Contact information, see below:

Arena Drilling Company

1600 West Broadway Street

Andrews, TX 79714-6007

Andrews is a West Texas town west of Midland, Texas, where I currently live.

I hope this helps. Please post your results. I'm interested.

Looking for information on the HT & BBR Co Survey, Section 70, A-545

Melinda Susan LaFargue Kyle check your inbox for message.

Clint Liles

I am new member to this group and hope someone can advise me. Our family has had some mineral rights in Brazoria County for several generations; at this point the % of ownership is pretty small for any of us but I am wanting to buy my son's part. I need to figure what it is worth, either by calculation or having someone do an actual appraisal. What do you suggest and who could do an appraisal at a not very expensive price (since this % is so small). Thanks for any advice

S. S. Dedmon.....I'm not sure if this gentleman can help you but he may be able to. He(T. L. Shields) is a member of this great Forum. I think he does evaluation of minerals.

Clint Liles

Thanks, Clint

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I wish I could go to the NARO Texas meeting. Attended the NARO-Louisiana and it was real good.