BP sold to Lime Rock Resources

Does anyone know anything about Lime Rock Resources? I have oil and gas royalties being paid or were being paid by BP and without any notifications from anyone I found out that BP sold the well to Lime Rock. So I am assuming they will be the ones paying the royalties now. Does anyone know how that works

Lime Rock just filed a very large document regarding the changes. Usually, they will send a notice to you with a new division order to sign. If the decimal is correct and it does not change any terms in the lease, then you can sign it.

Go to the OCC well records website and find your well(s). See if the 1073 form is listed for them. Test

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The form 1073 is listed on the wells also.

What section is your royalty in that was sold to Lime Rock?

Do you have a lease in MCClain County and it’s with BP you might want to see if it’s been sold