BP No Longer owns wells in Harrison county

BP America Production company of Harrison county, sold to Merit Energy of Dallas Tx. My question is should BP or Merit Energy make contact with those who have RI in the wells they purchased? Does anyone else in Marshall Tx have this problem? When should one of the company make contact with those who own interest in the wells they purchased from BP?

Most likely Merit. If you have a consent to assign provision in your lease, you would likely have heard from BP prior to the sale. They may ask you to sign a new division order which you will want to make sure is correct.

Thank you, I spoke with BP today and they informed me that they had sold the wells to merit energy, and my question to them was why was I not told about sell and they stated that it was merit energy’s responsible to tell me. When the sell was completed, how long does merit energy have to make contact with royalties owners or will they make contact with me? The writing on the lease which was signed 07/29/1976 is so small you can not read it. The royalty interest transfer was after the death of my father. I found certificate of pooling authority for the wess in the Stroud B Nesbitt wells. Ophelia Morris dated 11/17/80. Do I call merit energy or will they call me? Thank you, Barbra Smith

It wouldn’t hurt to call Merit. I would do so if they’ve missed any royalty payments. If you don’t yet have any missing checks, there may be no concern.

Merit has a page on their corporate website where royalty owners can register and get their questions answered

Thanks, I did make contact with Merit and they explained when I would get a check, only if there were a certain amount in the account. My question is should I get a new division order from Merit now that BP no longer owns the oil wells. Will my account number from BP be the same for Merit? Again thanks for the info. Barbra

Thanks for the info. Barbra

In most of my cases, I received new Division Orders with a new owner ID number (since it is a new company) and a new well/project number. The API number will stay the same. I check the decimal amount to make sure it matches the old one and I change the minimum amount to $25 instead of the $100.

Thank you, so you are saying I can tell the oil and gas company to change the minimum to $25? I called the company and requested that they call me regarding questions I have. No reply from them so far. I can’t send them an email, don’t have a new owner number. I really appreciate the feed back I receive from the mineral right form. Again, thank you. Barbra

You will have to send a new Division Order in writing for the $25. When you get the new Division Order from Merit, you can mark out the $100 and put in $25. Some require a separate letter requesting the $25 but you can put it in the same envelope. Save a copy of everything! Send by certified mail return receipts.

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