BP America Royalty Payments

We own royalty interest in several properties in Hughes County. BP America is the operator. The last payment we received was in May 2018 for March production. I’ve checked production records on http://www.occeweb.com and there was normal production volume for these properties in April and May. However, we have not received our royalty payment as of yet for this production.

BP normally pays on the 20th of every month.

Has anyone else experienced this with BP in the past two months?

Thanks MW

Call the phone number for BP on your last check stub and inquire. Have your owner number and well names available. Sometimes, they are switching accounting systems and checks get delayed. Or stranger things can happen. One year, I had a bunch of checks missing from several operators in July and they did not show up for six months. A mail truck had gotten parked in another state and wasn’t used until Christmas time and they found boxes and boxes of mail in the back of it. Had to get them all reissued. Better to just call and find out.