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any interest yet?

Pretty quiet down here...

I inherited a conveyance with a deed to a unit tract and the oil company isn't recognizing me as an interest holder. They say they aren't recognizing the person who left me the tract either. Yet some of the other relatives who also inherited this tract are being recognized by the oil company. How is it possible some are recognized and some aren't? I checked with the County Register and they are as baffled as I am. What should I do? Thank you.

Am new member Bowman Co. ND. Have mineral rights 33 acres recently leased to Diamond Resources (Continential Resources). Township 129, Range 105, Section 34, SE4. Also Section 35, SW1/4, North 1/2. What is current O/G activity and interest in this area? This was inherited and need legal advice how to Probate new ownership title in ND.

Just signed up for Bowman county! My in laws have 160 acres of mineral rights that had it's lease run out 6 months ago. No interest so far from any companies. Hope interest trickles south soon!

I received an offer recently similar to the offer received by William Batey. I own50 net mineral acres in T131N,R104W, Section 14 in Bowman County. The offer was for : $100 per net mineral acre, for a five (5) year lease with an option to extend the lease for an additional three years for an additional $100 per net acre, with a 3/16 royalty. I have no idea whether or not this is a range for a reasonable offer? Thank you.

JR, there are some good Red River wells in that township, one of which has produced over a million barrels of oil from a cheap vertical well, another close to 700,000 barrels another 352,000 barrels (next to you in section 23) and they are still going. You could well be dealing with a speculator wanting to tie you up for 8 years for $200 an acre and there is a chance they can escape at least half of that if a well is drilled or they can sell your lease to someone else at a profit. I would not be leasing for a greater term than 3 years with no options allowed.

The wells mentioned above are also old wells. It's an interesting thought what they might do with a 40 year leap ahead in technology.

I suspect that the lessor wants to speculate with your minerals for the cost of $1,000 a year. That would sound like a good deal to me considering that it looks really likely that there is oil there. I would not lease my minerals at that price and consider it speculating with them myself. I certainly would not sign a lease at those terms. There are two producing wells bordering your section and they are wanting to pay no more than speculation prices.

Any activity in Bowman County yet??

It's been almost a year with no comments/posts; Has anyone been contacted regarding leasing in Bowman County? I read an article in a January Bowman County Pioneer newspaper regarding anticipated leasing in Bowman;( ) Anyone getting any offers?

Thanks for that encouraging article Paul! Let's hope some companies share in the positive views of Bowman county!!

Here is the "Statement of Claim of Mineral Interest" form in a word document. (Identify the Range, Township and section information of your particular minerals) I also included the Mineral Deed # the county assigned to the deed:


My siblings and I have mineral rights in Bowman County. Is there anything happening there?