Bovine Update

What is the latest on this well? Is it completed? Is it producing, etc

BOVINE 1-28-33-34XH (Completion Report)

Not sure why the well test for oil is blank since so many tanks were set. The gas test results were fantastic!!!


I assume the gas production numbers for this well are good? Is there a formula to estimate gross revenue based on NMA - or something else? Trying to figure out what ‘fantastic equates to’ , as it sounds good! Thanks…


Tom, I used the word “fantastic” comparing it to other gas wells in Grady County. I have not seen one better to date. Attached is a simple spreadsheet I use just to see what a monthly royalty check might be based on a completion report’s initial test data understanding that actual production will widely vary. Also, with a multi-unit well you will have to know what percentage of the production is attributed to your section. For the ‘Bovine’ it was estimated that 48% of the production would be in section 28, 20% in section 33 and 32% in section 34. I believe we will have to wait for OCC’s Final Order related to CD #201605148 for the actual percentages.

NMACalculation_Simple.xlsx (11.6 KB)

So if I’m reading the spreadsheet correctly, even though the numbers are really good, the net is $246.12. Which divided among the number of us won’t be too much?

Wow! That calculator is slick. Thanks!


#3 in the Midcon!

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Do you have a link for that display of the wells in the Midcon?

Unfortunately, no. This is a subscription service that comes in pdf format.

The $246.12 estimate is a 3/16th royalty per acre per month in section 28-4N-6W.

The subscription link is useful if you can share it. Wanted to check into it.

Definitely, PLS | US Regional Reports | Oil & Gas News | Oil & Gas Reports.

Max of 25 email a day? There are times when Grady County will need a whole lot more bandwidth than that!

Is there a similar report that would run results for most recent month only on Hoxbar formation? I am particularly interested in a newly completed well, McConnell 1-11 in Grady county.

Nathan, Type in McConnell in the search area (use the magnifying glass in the upper right). I answered your question about the well but it is over on the Springboard site. Unit has it in their last investor presentation.