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recently got offer on 161n-81w. does anybody know the going rate or had any offers in this area

How far East>> are the oil representativesl exploring property purchases? Also how are they handling abandoned land? thank you!

Has there been any activity around 160N 82W?

Hey everyone,

I'm new to this forum. I have some land in Sheridan county Mt and have been following the activity there. Just found out we have inherited some land in Battineau county. Has there been much leasing activity in this area? Can anyone share with me what terms they got for leases?

Sounds as though everything is pretty new in this area.



Hi all, We were contacted last week by a landman about our mineral rights in T160N R82W south of the Wiley Field. Not sure what company he represents except they are out of Billings, MT I think. A co-owner of the rights has already signed. Does anyone know what the going lease terms (bonus, length of primary lease, royalty, etc.) might be in this area? From what I have seen, $100/ac, 3-5yrs, 18-22% royalty seem to be the general terms. The 5yrs seems a bit long to us, but we are neophytes at this.

Also, has there been any other recent activity not already mentioned in the prior posts?

Thank you

Doesn't anyone have any news on the wells in our area.

We leased some mineral rights last summer in T164 N - R78W for $100/ac for 3 yrs. Have heard nothing since. My research showed well on sec. 33 is producing. Anyone know anything about this site? Thanks in advance for any info. you send.

Jan, What was the royalty?

We did get an offer for $100/ac, 5yrs, and 1/6% royalty. We are now considering a counter offer.

I started this group because I wanted information on the Bottineau area. I think that is why we are all here. There is very little information and it is nice to share what we know. Thank you for your contributions.

Are there any active rigs in the county?

There was a rumor that there would be some drilling south of bottineau this summer. I f you check the quarterly statements of the canadian companies they state the well are producing about 20 bbls obove expectations.

the companies are Legacy oil and gas and Surge both are north of the border.

161north-81west, does anyone know of any activity near there???

Not sure but you can check the NDIC oil divison page to find some info or the bakkenblogg.

Does anybody have any news on this area activity? It seems to be so quite.

We just signed a lease with a company from Colorado. The owner has drilled 3 or 4 wells in Bottineau County, but all have been dry. We were told he was going to drill one more and if that was also dry he was going to stop drilling in the area. I believe the next well he will drill is going to be in the Maxbass area.

Lou, I hope you got paid before you gave them the lease. I can see where it could be to your advantage to offer a free lease, ie no bonus, with higher royalty, just to get someone interested in exploring your minerals, but for a paid up oil and gas lease at less than 20% royalty, I would say they need to pay before they receive your lease. To get the bonus payment out of a lessee could cost you $10 to $50K dollars in legal fees.

We received lease offers from Ballard and Diamond on our minerals right in T160N R82W just west of Maxbass and south of the Wiley Field. We accepted to one from Diamond for $115/ac, 5yrs, 1/6% royalty. We tried to negotiate but they were both firm.