Bosque Unit Atascosa County, TX

I’m less than a novice out here on the Forum with inherited interests in an oil/gas well. Cabot leased it back in 2015, sold lease to Venado and the trail and money runs cold after that. I have no idea how to check if the area is producing or if any company prior to Cabot Oil drilled on the site. Multiple offers coming to sell my rights. Cabot lease expired in 2018. Got any ideas where to start or do I hire an attorney?

Farm Tract 6152 out of Chas Simmons 95K acreage.

I live about a mile from Bosque Unit.

On Oct 3, 2019 Venado got PERMIT APPROVED to drill. The lease is still active and they will be using the same pad site that was used for 5 other wells.

Have you used or are you familiar with the Rail Road Commission web site?

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Venado is backed by KKR. Big private equity money

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I think so. I’ve been all over hunting down the well and can’t find any information about it. Your information is more than I’ve heard since 2015. Thank you so kindly.

Attaching RRC’s map of that area along with links to Venado’s drilling permit and unit plat for their Bosque well since it sounds like you haven’t been able to locate them on RRC’s site.

The permit shows this will be an allocation well rather than a pooled unit so where your mineral interest is located relative to the path of the horizontal leg of the well will determine whether or not you have royalty interest in this well.

On the area map the drill site and the end of the horizontal leg are highlighted in blue. Next to the drill site is the other pad Paul mentioned where Cabot drilled their Bosque, Rio Grande and Brazos wells that were acquired by Venado in 2018 along with all the rest of Cabot’s Eagle Ford acreage in South Texas.

Atascosa - Venado Bosque Permit and Unit Plat.pdf (2.2 MB)

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Here is the data on the well I got out of Enverus

Permit Number Country OFS Region State/Province County/Parish DI Basin DI Play DI Subplay District Operator (Reported) Lease Name Well Number Field Formation Permit Type Well Type Drill Type Permit Depth Permit Status Well Status Filed Date Approved Date Contact Name Contact Phone Operator Address Operator City Operator State Operator Zip Operator City 30mi Operator City 50mi Section Survey Abstract H2S Area Surface Hole Latitude (WGS84) Surface Hole Longitude (WGS84) Bottom Hole Latitude (WGS84) Bottom Hole Longitude (WGS84) Expired Date 857416 UNITED STATES GULF COAST TX ATASCOSA (TX) GULF COAST WEST EAGLEFORD EAGLEVILLE 1 VENADO OPERATING COMPANY LLC BOSQUE 301 A301 EAGLEVILLE EAGLE FORD-1 NewDrill OIL H 8000 Active PERMITTED 9/25/2019 10/3/2019 BELINDA SALINAS 5125182940 13301 GALLERIA CIRCLE STE 300 AUSTIN TX 78738 San Antonio 1731 I&GN RR CO 436 TRUE 28.7729158 -98.6933954 28.7769322 -98.7184255 10/3/2021

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Dirtdauber, I looked at your original post again. If you are saying you inherited an interest in the Cabot Bosque well but stopped receiving royalty payments after Venado took over from Cabot then the information on the new well Venado permitted may not be as important to you as the production from the existing Bosque well since Venado became the operator. If you haven’t talked to them it looks like you need to contact Venado’s owner relations or revenue accounting section and see if they are holding royalties for you.

Below is the production Venado has reported to RRC since they assumed operation in February, 2018. Here is a link where you can access future reports.

Atascosa - Venado Bosque Production Rpt.pdf (620.6 KB)

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Much appreciation for your help. This is allow me to speak to Venado with a little more information.

Thank you for providing this information. I’m waiting for a Venado callback, it’s looks like 2019 hasn’t had much output and maybe I’ll get lucky with the new drill permit. Much appreciation for your help.

I finally get this website! Sorry my Thank you didn’t come directly to you. So Thank you for the the information very much.