Books and resources for Oil & Gas Mineral Owners

Ok newbie here. I have ordered some of the books Kenny has is a locked post. Is there any other books y’all would recommend for someone trying to learn all the terminology?

Not knowing which ones you have already ordered makes answering a bit difficult. List the titles and we can fill in with some more unless you have the best already. What areas are you interested in?

What area of oil and gas are you wanting to learn more about? For most mineral owners, I’d probably say Oil & Gas Law in a Nutshell by John Lowe is the best starting point. If you’re just wanting some quick help with terminology, a useful online source is the Schlumberger Oilfield Glossary. It gets a little more technical than what you may be looking for, though. Finally, this forum itself contains a wealth of free knowledge. Doing some searches or just browsing around may lead you to what you’re looking for. Best of luck!

Money in the ground by John orban I have ordered and should be in tomorrow. I ve read “investing in oil and gas” by mike may. And currently reading “negotiating oil and gas leases“ by Mike may. I got “look before you lease” from Naro on my list to order.

I will add the oil and gas law in a nutshell to my list. An add the website to my bookmarks to CEO’s reference terms I see on here. Thank you

Those are on my bookshelf. What states are you in? Oklahoma has some booklets particular to them on the OCC main website. I also have the books by Marsha Brazeale for Texas. She is on the forum. Her books were advertised at the NARO convention and they have been helpful.

I am in Illinois and that’s where the lease is at too.

Check your Illinois oil and gas commission as they may have booklets or suggestions pertinent to Illinois.

Thank you @M_Barnes and @CTucker for the information.

Recent copy of Black’s law dictionary

One of the business members here Profile - Marsha_Breazeale - Mineral Rights Forum is the author of a book from her experience as a Division Order Analyst for many years. I’d recommend it.

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Thank You Forum Administrator

Oil Patch Press publishes several books of interest to mineral owners.

How an Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Company Operates is a book written for minerals owners and for newbies entering the workforce in oil and gas land administration. It is written strictly from the viewpoint of the oil and gas lease, an explanation of what can happen to an oil and gas lease during its lifetime.

There are also companion reference books, Principles of Oil and Gas Lease Analysis: Common Clauses** and Principles of Oil and Gas Lease Analysis: Uncommon Clauses that can be ordered individually or as a set. These are actually reference books for land professionals in the oil and gas industry (landmen, lease analysts, division order analysts, etc.) and contain a complete analysis of hundreds of oil and gas lease clauses for use by these professionals. But mineral owners find them helpful from the standpoint of learning how their oil and gas lease is handled internally inside the oil company that owns it.

Oil and Gas Lease Pooling Calculations Workbook is an 8-1/2 x 11 spiral-bound book that walks a mineral owner or oil and gas land professional through the calculations for how ownership shares inside a pooled unit are calculated.

Visit my business profile and click through to the website for Oil Patch Press.

Thank You @Marsha_Breazeale

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