Bonus values in Caddo County


How do I determine the bonus that I should request when leasing mineral rights in Caddo County? Who can I hire without losing the little that this lease might make?



Kay, what Section, Township and Range are your minerals located in?


How about Township 10N Range 10W


Richard, I don’t have any numbers for 10N-10W, but we are in 10N-11W and have been offered 1500/ac for a 3/16ths royalty and a three year term.


What township? Thanks.


From an offer in Canadian County I learned that the depth of the well changes the bonus offer considerably


The depth is tied to the geology and the type of well that will be drilled. The horizontal wells in shale reservoirs are the majority of the wells in OK now.

#8 shows comps up to ~$2600/acre for 18.75% in mid-2017. The more recent ones in 2018 are a little lower, but higher royalty - $1000/acre for 20%


We recently leased 40 nma in Caddo County 10n/09w section 27 for $3215.00 per acre and 1/5 royalty.


We are trying to lease out about the same amount in Caddo County, Section 05-10N/09W, who did you lease with if you don’t mind me asking?


Would like to know more about the leasing of mineral rights process?? What company did you use?? We live out of state and have been getting calls with offers to buy, but I would like to learn about other offers and the leasing/royalty first Thank you.


The lease was with Camino Resources who was represented by Michael Wright 5500 N Western Ave, Ste 215 Oklahoma City, OK 73118 O: (405) 840-4327 | M: (405) 227-7454