Bonus, Royalties and Surface Damage

Anyone know the going rates in Cooke County (or adjacent counties - Grayson, montague, Wise, or Denton). Offer of $40/acre bonus, 20% royalty, and surface damages of $800 seemed really low. Looking to counteroffer, but need a basis for the counteroffer.

In which survey/abstract is the land located? Or which part of the county? Cooke County is big . . . some parts have never seen any leasing, and most parts are drawing little leasing interest now. But there is some leasing along the Red River and northeast of Gainesville.

Thanks for the reply. It is about 3 miles southwest of Muenster. About a mile and a half East of some EOG horizontals. Near the Montague/Cooke county line.

Cooke, I own some mineral interests in Cooke County, but not close to yours. Maybe someone on the board who has access to a subscription service can tell you if there is much leasing activity in that area.