Bonus rates & new wells in Lynn Co., Texas?

We have leasing offers on various tracts around Lynn Co., and I'm hoping someone could assist me with the following:

1) highest bonus/nma paid in 2011 in Lynn Co.

2) any details to verify new wells I've heard hit oil: some vertical wells west of O'Donnell, and one on Lynn/Garza co. line on Double U Ranch (rumor of 700 barrels/day).

Many thanks!


In a "resource play" area the mineral owner who approaches leasing without knowledge of what the resources under the land are really worth per acre and asks to know what industry is offering is negotiating from a position of weakness. If I were you I'd consider thinking about getting an informed advisor.

Good luck!


Thank you, JL - good point. I've been doing hours of research, and learning a lot! My O&G attorney's been great at pointing me in the right directions.