Bonus payouts for mineral leases in the Carr area?

Are ground is available for lease again? Is anyone seeing a dollar range for leases in this area? Thanks in advance!!!


The lease terms will be far more important than the bonus as the next lease you sign may be the last. Since you are also the surface owner, the future value of your property is considerably more sensitive to lease terms. If you have more than 40 net mineral acres, you best find out what your property is worth long term to the oil production industry. Manage your property for the future and son't limit its potential for a few dollars now. Your heirs will appreciate what you have done.

How far is Carr from the Northern side of the Empire Reservior on the Weld/Morgan county line?

Carr is straight south of Cheyenne wyoming. I agree that the most important part of the lease is the royalties. The last offer was for 17.5%. I just want to make sure that we are getting the best deal possible.