Bonus and Drilling ques

Section 171 - 165 acres Section 12 - 313 acres

What is going rate nma? Any drilling?

On Section 12 need to know whether you are talking about the HT&BRR or T&P RR Survey, and which Block. There are a bunch of Sec. 12’s.

On Section 171, looks like you could be in either Block 2 or 3 of the HT&BRR Survey but RRC’s map doesn’t show any new permits or recent drilling in the either of them.

I’m assuming you’re talking about Block 2 since that’s closer to recent leasing activity. In that case I believe lease bonuses are going for ~$250-$400 depending on royalty rates.

You’re in the zip code of some activity, but still pretty far from any proven results. So I think that range is realistic.

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