Bonanza Creek Energy

My brother wants to know:

Ask if the gas processing contract with DCP Midstream has been made public and , if so, where can we get a copy.

This would be a contract between Bonanza Creek Energy and DCP Midstream. If anyone knows the answer to this, please comment.

Don Reed

To my knowledge, no processing contracts are public. Most if not all contracts are subject to a confidentiality agreement between the operator and the processing facility. That way, some operators get better deals for volume. You can request the contract from your operator, but unless it is in the lease for you to get documents from them they will probably not give it to you. If they refuse, the best bet is to have an attorney request it or petition the courts to have the operator release it. If you have enough royalties and don't mind spending the money that is just about your only option. Sometimes they respond more favorably to an auditor but not always.