Bogey 3-12X1HS

Does anyone have any current information on Bogey 3-12X1HS - Grady County, OK?

Bogey 1-12X 1H has been a pretty low producing well in the Woodford. Still online.

Bogey 2-12X 1H was never drilled.

Bogey 3-23X 1H was never drilled.

Red Rocks has a new pooling case for the Goddard for Sections 11 and 12. Make sure that your name and address are properly filed in the Grady County Courthouse.

You may not get the pooling case if your are already leased. If you did not get the spacing case documents, the come back and I will give you the attorney’s address.

The new well is planned as a Goddard/Springer well

Some of those springer wells come in good even vertical. Pretty oil

Rockhound2, the Springer wells you are refering to are not the same reservoir/horizon as the horizontal wells target. The vertical wells are sandstone reservoirs (Cunningham, Britt, Boatright) while the horizontal wells are shale reservoirs (or siltstone) with extremely low permeability “resource play horizons”. All are part of the “Springer Group”.

I don’t understand the concept of drilling low permeability siltstone wells unless you make money off the drilling or u can’t get access to better prospects. I know at least one that will never pay out but it’s going to need a lot of working interest money to keep producing water

DStone- from all of Rockhounds posts, he knows very little about the current oil & gas business. His perspective is from prior to 2000. Maybe a sign of advanced silicosis.

I admit I don’t know why there are tight gas tax credits if it’s so good

P. S. A spudder is a cable tool rig that can drill. Not a surface rig