Block C-8, Section 26, (S/E4)


My lease is due to expire in February, 2019. Can anyone tell me anything about this permit, or what that area is leading for? Thanks.

389-37270, IWO JIMA 14-26 UNIT, 1H


That well was spud in August. Best luck!

drilling permit


Wow, thanks, Liz! I’m behind. Sure appreciate the info. Linton


BLK C-8, SEC 26 (SE/4) A-3323 and A-5456

389-37270, IWO JIMA 14-26 UNIT, 1H, spud 8/10/18 according to Liz_M…

Liz, I received a Division Order to sign today that is for, GUAM STATE 26-21 UNIT, 1H, (DO 12/18/18). Is this the same well as above with a changed name? I can’t figure out what’s going on. Thanks!! LT


No, it does not appear to be the same well. This one spans into the section south of you, Sec. 21. The earlier well you asked about went north into Block C-9, Sec. 14.

Guam State was spudded in September.

Here’s the permit to the Guam State unit:

drilling permit Guam State

A division order is great news! Merry Christmas!



Linton, Liz is right. Both wells begin in Section 26 but go different directions.

On my map Iwo Jima is in red and Guam State is in Blue. Guam State 389-37857 is a stacked lateral thingy with 389-37349, so there is actually 3 horizontal wells in question.


Clint Liles