Block 58 T2S Section 2 A-4628

NW/4 of N/2 (approximately 195 acres more or less)

Family Estate thought that it owned the surface and mineral acres on this location. Back in January a pipeline was crossing a portion of the surface and notified the estate that the appraisal district and tax office records were incorrect on the surface owners, the estate did not own any surface. How can I go about finding the actual surface owners--verifying this so I can correct the appraisal district and tax office?

Also, ConocoPhillips has drilled a well. Blue Marlin State WC 201H (RRC Identifier# 278906, API# 109-32812). Anybody know the status of this well? Estate does own the minerals and this well is in a rather large pool.

The BLue Marlin 201H well you referenced is making about 32 to 36 MMCF and 5500 BC/BO per month as of July 2017. Total production of 946 MMCF & 186,840 BO/BC since it went on line in Aug 2015.

Production graph attached (note it is on log scale). Looks to have been a 7000' lateral.

You can find all this on the Tx RRC site. API number is 42-109-32800 (55.3 KB)

Conoco Phillips has four other horizontal permits in this area but none have drilled based on what I can see in

Thank you Rock Man

There is some pretty steep decline on this well - using some rough EUR determination software, one can estimate about 1.6 BCF and 320 MBO total production - with the end of this production being 5 years from now. Long slow rates that will continually drop over time.

Figure that ConocoPhillips has this entire block HBP with this well so no need to do any new drilling that today's prices

Do you guys know what happened with Shale? I leased a tract to them but they appear to have disappeared!

I don’t remember the last run check we got from ConocoPhillips. I believe this well (Blue Marlin State WC) is gas only and not doing very well.