Block 4


PDC Energy seems to have a lot of activity going on in Block 4. Does anybody have any insight into their activities there?


We have one producing well in block 4, sec 77. Have been told there will be more. PDC holds our lease. If you have other information, I would like to know. Thanks.


Blk 4, Section 77 looks like a very hot area. PDC has permitted wells there, apparently spread over three different levels, called the A, B and C benches, of the Wolfcamp formation.

Based on the completion and production reports PDC has filed so far two wells they called the Grizzly West 77B1H and the 77C2H started producing in December. The units for those two wells only involve Section 77 but PDC has also permitted six other wells with horizontal legs that extend across 77 and into Section 80 that joins it on the west. Those six wells are all designated as allocation wells so not all the royalty owners in Section 77 or 80 will share in them.

It looks like those six long lateral wells are being drilled from basically the same drill site in Section 77. PDC has finished drilling the four called the Grizzly Bear 7780 A2, A3, A4 and A5 but apparently has them shut-in waiting on fracking and completion. They may be waiting for drilling to be finish on the other two so all the frack jobs and completions can be done in coordination.


Thanks, Dusty1 for this information. Please forgive my ignorance, but I’m going to ask you a couple more questions if you don’t mind.

Grizzly West is the well we are already receiving royalties from. How could I find out if we are included in any or all of the allocation wells? We have an undivided interest in 244 acres and my cousin was told that she was included in all the well either on or originating in sec 77. Would that mean my sister and I are included also?

Thanks so much for your time.


See if your cousin can tell you how to contact whoever told her she was included in all the wells.

If that doesn’t work go to PDC’s website and on the upper right corner of the homepage click the button marked “Royalty Owner”. It will take you to a page with phone and email for their division order department.