Block 34 Section 91

Anyone know anything about this Area? Can’t find anything. On internet or elsewhere.

Chevron operates the E Williams Unit which has been producing since 1967. This is a deep gas well which will hold all leases in the section. Jagged Peak and Oxy have horizontal wells nearby.

What does it mean it is a deep gas well and will hold all leases in the section?

If you own minerals in this section, then you should be in pay on the unit well. Well was drilled to 20,300 feet and so would be holding all lease depths from the surface down to 20,300 feet under the old 1960’s leases. As long as the well continues to produces, Chevron can delay drilling new wells. Watch the production volumes.

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Thanks yes I do own mineral rights on the section. Now I understand what’s happening. I am receiving offers for those rights weekly.

How do I find the location in Texas Ward County. Williams E Block 34 Section 91? This may help you.

Ward County and Callon Petroleum are two very hot areas/players. I was “warned” that Callon was going to be a very good investment and how can I put it, OMG!!! they were right. I have gotten four division orders in the last 4 months with other potential wells, both regular and horizontal scattered all over that area. The maps look like chicken pox.