Block 34 section 63 ward co

I have 31 aces in block 34 section 63 . It’s shows there oil well (green dot) in the top right corner I had a landman show me this but he said " If your not receiving royalty checks it’s probably mistake on the RRC map idk ? I’m interested in selling at the right price but I don’t know what the price is a had a offer from texas energy for $17k and I was given a agreement to sign I spoke with a lawyer he advised me not to sign any agreements till the check amount is listed . So I asked the landman what’s the check he said " since there deed back in 1941 where my grandparents signed sold/release 1/4 of there royalties to some person . The land man said the check with the burden would be around $245k . It doesn’t add up when the offer $17k . My lease expires Jan 3 2018 .

Hello Matthew,

After checking the area around Section 63 I find to the east and southeast Jagged Peak Energy has 5 approved permits(API 475-37226, 37228, 37235, 37236, and 37237). These permits were approved in April and May 2017. After checking production data I also find that in surrounding area there are wells(vertical and horizontal) producing from 7 different pay formations(that's a good thing)Atoka, Ellenberger, Wolfcamp, Delaware, Devonian, Wolfbone and Montoya Formations. This is a good area to have minerals.

Link to approved permit 475-37228:

GIS Map of Ward County Block 34/Section 63 and surrounding area:


Clint Liles

You could always sell some and keep some, too…