Block 33 Section 35 Township 1 A-375

Hi Friends-

Does anyone know whats going on in this area. I have been looking at maps and I am dizzy.Thanks in advance for any info you all have. I am managing my sick fathers minerals and haven't seen any checks for this area.

Hi Kristin, what are you trying to figure out?




Encana has 3 horizontal permits in there now. They start in the section to the south. They were permitted in late 2016 so I'm not certain they are drilled yet.

If my father has an account in suspense. it looks like there are active wells in his acreage.

Thank you so much. I looked up some information on the RR com and saw a lease with my dads last name. It looks like there has been a lot of production under someone with his last name,but i am struggling to put the pieces together. Linn Operating, Encana, and Endeavor. I just cant work out if its his. He lost his speech with the brain cancer , so I cannot ask him.

Call Cynthia @ Encana 720-561-1385. I think they are off on Friday's but she's been super helpful to me.

It depends on where your Dad owns acreage, if it's in the Northeast Quarter (NE/4) then probably not.

I have tried calling many people there today:)

Its 40 acres South 30 of SE4 and SE4 of SW4.

you are very helpful. Thank you

I spoke to Cynthia. She is off today, but was very nice!

Your landman relative should be able to help you on this.

I think I used up my pro-bono help with him. He is a distant relative and over a large company:)