Block 32, Section 13 (south half) and all of 24 (Flanagan)


After doing some searching I decided your legal description of your minerals is Section 13/Block 32 T1S/Abstract 158//// and Section 24/Block 32 T1S/Abstract 1276. From now on ask for Abstract 158 and Abstract 1276. That's much easier to find. Also a section of land is approximately 640 acres not 60. After checking some of the wells in the surrounding area I see where these are mostly oil and gas combination wells. Close by to your minerals is well 227-38418/Completion Report showed 68 BOPD/76,000 MCF gas per day. Also well 227-38487/Completion Report showed 103 BOPD/155,000 MCF gas per day.

Link to Completion Report on well 227-38487:

Link to Production Data on well 38487:|2=02|3=2015|4=01|5=2016|103=46524|6=O|102=08|8=specificLease|204=district|9=dispDetails|10=0

Not bad at all for vertical wells........These 2 examples are wells drilled by Hannathon. I don't see any Horizontal wells close by to your minerals area. Also there are 4 paying formations in well 38487(Trend area, Strawn, Mississippi, Fusselman). I would say this is a good area for some company to drill some Horizontal wells. And there are producing wells all around your minerals.

GIS Map of Howard County Block 32 T1S/Section 13 and 24/Abstract 158 and Abstract 1276:

In the top left corner of Section 13 is approved location for well 38723.

Clint Liles


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