Block 31, T-1-S

Would like to know if anyone has signed new leases in T-1-S, Block 31, in Howard County in the last year. Would you mind sharing lease bonus amounts per acre? Does anyone have a good sense of what the “going rate” for leases should be in this township now? Thank you.

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Hi, we have recently been offered $4,000 and 25% lease in Blk 31, T1N, T&P RR. Co. Survey, Howard County, Texas. What are you seeing? Thank you.

Nothing yet. our land is under lease… expiring in August. Current lease holder says it will drill a vertical well to hold the minerals if we don’t extend the current lease. so, everything is on hold. will update when I can.

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Interesting negotiation from the operator - the AFE is slightly less than $10mm. Who’s the operator on that section?

My family has mineral interest Township 1 south, section 3 block 33 but haven’t received any information or request for lease. How can I get any information on this, as if there are and leases close to this area? Thanks for any information.

We signed a lease in January for $5,000 per nma and 25%. We’re in T1S block 32. We have also received an offer to buy our rights for $5,750. Hope this helps.

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yes, thank you very much!