Block 2 Section 17 Abstract 370

I am trying to find if there are other mineral owners besides estate members. How do I go about finding who the mineral owners are of this particular section? I do know that the estate owns the entire surface, 636.14 acres more or less . Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Mel, a quick way would be to pull the oil and gas leases taken in the section. This would give you an idea, although you would not be able to determine nets, or even if they own an interest in the case of bad leases. You could accomplish this by visiting an abstract plant. You could also hire a competent person to run the title, although this will be very expensive, but will be your best bet in order to determine ownership and nets. Last thought, you may need to confirm this is not minerally classified lands, which someone on this forum who is in front of a computer could likely do for you. Mike

Cimarex operates the Elkhorn 2-17 1H well on that section. The tax records show about 95 royalty interest owners in that well.

Where would I go to pull the leases?

Could I find that on the Reeves County Tax Office web site?

Here you go, Mel!

The Excel Spreadsheet adds up to 1.0000000, which is the decimal equivalent of 100%, so it lists all of the parties receiving Royalties from the Unit (Well).

But some may be Overriding Royalty Interest Owners, where the company assigned some of their royalties out. And all of the decimal interests listed owned by your fellow Mineral Interest Owners you would have to reverse engineer by the royalties in their respective leases in order to reach an approximation of their Mineral Ownership.

If you need more detailed information about production and sales figures, I send you those.

Hope this helps -

Charles Emery Tooke III

Certified Professional Landman

Fort Worth, Texas

104-4238934258CIMAREXELKHORN217NO.1H.pdf (1.41 MB) 105-2016MINERALAPPRAISALROLL.xls (54 KB) 106-RECENTLEASESEXCELCSV.xlsx (13.6 KB)

Thank you Charles.

You're welcome!

The Leases, or at least Memorandums of them, you can obtain of from the County Clerk's Office. If a one page information sheet for each of them would help, I can send you those.

And you should be able to access the Mineral Tax Rolls online, but more than likely only if you already know the names to look up. Each individual has an Account Number and every Producing Well has an Account Number, but very few Counties will have their systems set up where you can call up all of the names under a given Well.

They might have a hard copy of that sort of Tax Roll (by the Well), but I believe I have only seen that available online at one County and I can't even tell you which one it was.

Mineral Appraisal roll was extremely helpful. Thanks a bunch Charles!!