Block 13, Sections 136, Red 137 update


Charles Jones…be advised Cactus Rig#133 is still drilling on the south side of FM3334 at the junction of County Road 331. One of the drillers advises they are at least 10 days away from TD…total depth…and fracking will commence sometime after that…probably in December. Primexx well.

Red 136, 137…Primexx is drilling ANOTHER well on the south side of County Road 330 about a mile west of Hwy 17 and a mile north of Ranch Road 3334. The last well was drilled on the North side of RR3334 and had a workover rig make changes tot the well last month. The flare indicates flow was increased about 25%…and now most of the flowback water has been recovered. The flare is now bright clear blue meaning the well has flowed back most all of the frack water, fracking enhancement balls, and stimulated the formation to flow clean gas. Natural gas liquids totals are up as well because there’s a steady stream of trucks loading from the condensate tanks on location. Also a Primexx well.


Thanks. Lawrence for the info on the Benton 1 . The api is 38937440. Having you there is better than me being there. I got those numbers from a Primexx employee. Keep me informed if you will.



Hey Lawrence! I, too, am interested in the Denton well. I have posted a question re: pooling, but this is my first post on this new format and can’t find anything - total user error, but I’m trying to learn. Charles and I have been in contact and would be interested in your thoughts, too, IF you can find my post. THANKS!


I can see the rig on the Benton/Denton (whichever it is) well from my front door. I get over there from time to time and snoop about well performance from the drillers, Primexx superintendent, or Primexx lease operator but I don’t know where to see if production totals are posted anywhere. I can tell you generally about production from years of experience where I can look at the flare and estimate gas flow and well flowback status.

ol’ Lawrence in Verhalen, Reeves county, Tx :sunglasses::rofl::stars::ribbon: