Block 13 activity


have been knocked off line while they redid the forum, but am back now though out of date. Had a link to the railroad commission for new permits,but lost5 it in the remodel. If someone could send a link it would be greatly apreciated. We are in the 295 section of block13. Been some activity in that general area.I guess we would be in the Saragosto prospect. Any help would be great.


Are you looking for the RRC permit search query?


N,I am not…I own 20 acres in Section 14 block 7


Eugene, I just got my newest Lease Alert for Reeves and noticed that Sec 240, BL 13, leased for $9,000 an acre (half to the state, half to landowner). That is just a couple of miles SW of you. There are shut-in wells on the sections to the east and west of Sec. 240 but overall it is not the busiest part of the county.


How can I find out what is our Section or Block #? on our land in Reeves county


Hey Villar, I would look at any old leases or deeds you’ve signed in the past. They will have the full legal description. Otherwise, you could go the courthouse and search your name. There are also online sources if you’re too far from the courthouse. and both have coverage for Reeves