Block 1 section 28 Lot 17

Do anyone know the price of surface or mineral leases in that area. and what kind of activity if any is going on.

Hi Carol,

I don't have any current experience in Ward county, but I have leased to a company 1280 Acres in Ector County, and it went for 25% of the hole and $500 an acre, 3 year lease. We are in negotiations for about 2000 acres in Crane county. We have been dealing with a buyer who will wants to resell it, but I have expressed interest to my cousins that we need to lease to a good driller that knows the area, or we will get some out of town Company that knows nothing about Crane or West Texas Drilling methods. So the buyer is dragging feet with the 1/16 of the hole and $200 bonus, but that will not fly, with news this morning of the price of oil going up. Yea.


I lease minerals in this area and am happy to make you an offer to lease your minerals. You can email me at or through my contact info here:



Thanks for the info Chris, and good luck on your lease.