BLK34/ sec 46

Any activity in Ward Co. blk/34 sec 46 area? have recently been contacted by people trying to buy my land there.

Thanks b

We cannot help you unless you post this in the correct state and county. Use the New Topic button on the home page and then scroll down the categories until you find the correct state and county, then repost. Several states have a Ward County. Pretty sure you mean Texas, but not positive.

Looks Like Jagged Peak drilled some horizontals in the sections directly south of that acreage. The State Eiland 3-33 11h. These were completed in the Phantom Wolfcamp and have done well. Your acreage is in a good spot.

Jagged Peak also took two leases in your section in 2017 according to Drilling Info. Don’t know what type of offers you’re getting but because the jagged peak leases were taken in 2017 you may be getting an increase of offers due to speculation of some permits dropping. good luck!

Thank you very much for your help b

I have received a couple of offers 1 for $2,500 for all 5.67 acres-from female acting like she is just looking for wild west land to enjoy??
I also received another offer for $16,000.00 per acre… wondering does that sound about fair or not- this is from large oil investment company. any help appreciated.


You would need to add your state and county for this description to be useful.

Sorry- Ward Co, Texas. I should remember to add this… each time… sorry guys



If your thinking of selling you should try to get as many offers as possible from qualified “end buyers” so you can make the best choice. Or you could always use a third party site to list your property.

Dear Barbara, Before you sell your minerals, let me tell you a story, My grandfather left estate for his 5 children for which now I’m a Grandson. My Mom never hit a lick, and when it got to me and my Sister, well the month to month was about $16,000 a year, but over the years companies have come back to release the pay large bonuses and drill again and cause income to rise of course depending on price of oil or gas. My cousin mentioned he wanted to sell his minerals so he could leave his kids bunch of cash. I have talked him into keeping them numerous times, and I just found $60,000 in Texas unclaimed funds, so he is kinda happy that each time I talk him into keeping them he gets a windfall of sorts. Most of those companies are just giving you 10 months of production. The more you throw away those letters the more letters with higher prices you will get. But you will need an oil and Gas attorney to help you with what your selling. Remember the Big Print giveth and the small print takes more. Meaning many of those contracts start off stating just the mineral interest that is listed in your letter, but they are cruising for all your got, that is why you must use a Gas and Oil Attorney to read the legal ease and get what exactly your selling down. I promise if you don’t use an attorney you will be leaving money on the table. I will give you the information for my attorney in Midland, Joel Gordon 432-279-1528

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Thank you very much Chris. I may contact your attorney about the easements, pads etc. mentioned in the other responses… sounds like my only hope… feel kind of dumb- when we bought the land we had not knowledge of surface/mineral rights etc… my husband was trying to set things in place for the future, he passed shortly after we purchased this… so live and learn.

how do you find unclaimed funds?

The first place to look is with the operator of the wells. They hold onto the funds for a few years.

The next place is at the treasurer’s office in the state where the owner lived. Then look in the state where the minerals are-if different. Then look in the state of domicile of the company-many are in Delaware.

Try I have seen some backed royalties wind up there in the past.

I own the land, block 34 section 60. Ward county ,Texas. I got the letter from Dawson geophysical company requests permission to conduct a 3D Geophysical Su͏r͏vey in my land with their equipments. They will pay me $200 for all my property(10 acres) to do this job. What is mean for this situation?