Blk D, CCSD & RGNG RR Sur. Bonuses

What Bonus are being paid in Sec. 78, Blk D, CCSD & RGNG RR Suy. Any Info on Lessee named McClure Oil Company, Inc. for Copperhead Resources,LLC Is there some activity going on I should know about, and what about limiting the lease depth to 11,000 ft. unless they want to pay a higher bonus for deeper?

Does anyone have a copy of the most recent issue of the U.S. Lease Price Report for West Texas, Region #5 which tells bonuses paid?

How many acres do you own? I assume the bonus is being paid for a 25% royalty, and no less?

Thank you for taking the time to respond to my Lease Bonus question. The presented lease terms are 25% royalty,3 year primary term and 2 year option. I own 13 NMA in the SW/4 of a section. Their lease is a (2/11) Revised Paid Up Form with Horizontal Pooling Provisions. Would appreciate your thoughts regarding this. Gratefully, Elma