BLK 54 TWP 4, North West Of Pecos

Any word yet on drilling results 8-12 miles NW of Pecos, please?

Plenty of locations permitted. Just wondering how many have been completed and what the "good word" might be of results.

Is Anadarko holding off for any reason other than being very busy across the river and into Ward County?

I just finalized a lease with Petrohawk but no drilling yet (abt 9 mi NW of Pecos)


We leased acreage in T&P 54 TWP 4 (Sect. 16 and 32) and Sect. 2 in the next block south (don't have my legal descriptions with me, maybe 54-5?) to Anadarko and while I can find permits on the RRC website, other info is tougher (of course).

I guess my real question would be how many of these permitted well are actually being drilled and are the results satisfactory?

I just heard of another Anadarko completion just into Ward County that is flowing over 600 bopd....

Leased to Energen BLK54 T4 Sec 30 and 38 If anyone hears of activity near I would truly appreciate your input. I can't seem to navigate the RR site. Thanks

Phyllis, your two sections are very close to two of my tracts.

There is a well permitted directly south of Sec.30 and directly east of Sec.38 in the next section. I think it is Anadarko but I am not at my office, so please excuse me if my memory is off.

I don't think it has been drilled yet.

To the south east, PetroHawk is extremely active 5-7 miles away.