Blk 27 Howard County, TX - Anyone Getting Mineral Purchase offers?

I own minerals in Blk 27 Howard County, and am wondering if anyone else in this Block has been getting any good offers to sell? I am thinking of selling 20 NRA or so but am looking for 10k plus per NRA. has anyone gotten paid this much in this area and if so do you mind telling me who paid it? My interest is an NPRI and the leasehold is Grenadier.

That number seems pretty steep for the area. I’ve seen $5-$7K/NRA in the area.

What’s the exact legal description? Block 27 isn’t the best part of the county, but still in a decent area.

its section 43, so theres only 1.5 mile horizontal potential which also hurts my cause haha

That’s a tough one. From what I’ve heard, that part of the county was a bit hotter this time last year for getting top dollar for mineral rights. Certain areas are still up there no doubt, but the “fringe” has seen a dip in market prices in places.