Blk 13, sec 74, Reeves county

We have been receiving a lot of offers to purchase the 133 nma we own. We have no idea what a fair market would be..any help is much appreciated....we are currently in a 3 year lease.

Received an offer for 545,000 for a little over 21 nma. That's roughly 26,000 pnma. Not selling. Currently there's three wells permitted on the acreage. Also leased.

Your acreage is probably worth millions. What kind of offers have you been getting if you don't mind my asking?

We haven't contacted any of the companies who sent offer letters. We have received about 6 letters so far from 6 companies

My advice Stephen if you WANT to sell wait for a firm offer not just a letter saying "sell to me I'm buying in your area". We don't sell. But that's us.