Blaine S20, T18N, R12W

This is my first time considering selling newly transferred minerals. I have 4.5 net ac. Was getting ready to lease for $4500 bonus + 1/5th. Now offered $4500/na to sell and I could really use some insights & guidance. I've searched discussions for this section but can't find anything.

The offer to sell is WAY too low. Usually not a good idea to sell minerals unless you have non-financial reasons for doing so.

Loy Martin

that's what I thought but haven't had success searching for other comments on this section. do you know of any recent offers? It is a bit of an emergency, but I was considering selling anything BUT Blaine. All guidance appreciated. I need to say yes/no/counter by end of today.

My parcel is S35, 16N, 10W where a particular project has driven purchase offers above $20,000/acre--still too low to be interesting. I don't know about activity in your area--not too far away but Blaine County is very active in general and I wouldn't let myself be stampeded into taking the first offer. These offers tend to be all over the map, not tightly grouped around a mean. I'd wait and see what else comes in.

Loy Martin

Dear Miss Debra, the last five leases recorded in this section were to Chisholm Oil, LLC, for 3 yrs at 3/16. I don't see any pending applications for this township other than in section 35. An old Exxon well completed in 1966 was just recently plugged by Spess Oil. Some leases are being released. Currently, there is no production in section 20.

Yes, that's what I'm considering with Chisholm today. My top lease bonus will be $1000/na with 4.5 na & 1/5 royalty (10% now, 90% when last 2 working interests released) or consider selling minerals @ 4500 na = $20,250. I need to decide by end of the day. any additional advice you'd like to share?

Wouldn't you rather lease at $4500 & 1/5 and the possible ability to lease again or have production than totally get rid of your minerals forever? In my opinion, that offer to buy is way too low-especially since it matches a leasing offer. There is quite a bit of leasing activity in the sections all around you by Newfield, Continental Resources, Chisholm, Marathon, etc. If it were mine, I would not sell. Any time someone tries to rush me, I put the brakes on!

Read the Q2 investor presentations for Continental, Marathon, Newfield, Cimarex, Devon, etc. for the area and get a feel for what is going on. Never be rushed into a sale unless you are an informed seller.

If you have a major medical issue or something like that, there are other options. You do not have to sell all, you can sell part, you can lease, you can sell royalties (if there was a well) but keep the minerals, etc.

many thanks Ms Barnes - the top lease bonus from Chisholm was $1000/na - I have 4.5 na + 1/5 Royalty. The offer to buy came back at $6500/na ($27,000). This section was held by production by Spess dry hole, just released. Yes, definitely, If I had more acres, would only sell part & don't intend to sell any other minerals. I watch & pay attention to all your posts but will start reading inventors presentations.