Blaine county


We inherited mineral rights on Blaine County Oklahoma
Section 29, Township 17 North, Range 10 WIM
Section 33, Township 17 North, Range 10 WIM
and would like to sell or solid advice on what to do


Try to reach out to some companies in the area and see if they are interested. I know a lot of companies in the last month have made some changes, offers are going to start going down from what I’m hearing through the grapevine



Contact me at regarding your mineral interest.



Good afternoon Mike. I am a landman in the area and would love to talk about your minerals if you have time. ■■■■ is my number and I look forward to hearing from you.


Hi Mike:

There are several things to understand about selling vs. holding your mineral rights. I have been in the
business for 35 years, born in Blaine County. I’m a straight shooter & work for my self. If you want to discuss further, please let me know.

Good luck to you.
Todd M. Baker