Blaine county section 8 15 north 10 west

My brothers and I have been offered 5,000.00 per 4 acre parcel.
By Sandstone energy .
What do you think?
20 net acres in the NW/4 SW/4 Sec. 8-15N-10W, Blaine County which resulted in a RI of .00390625 (640 acre unit).

Can I get more? It would really help and who would I call?

Katherine, I am a landman currently assigned this section. I sent you a friend request. The forum will not allow me to "talk shop" unless it is via private messaging. Let's chat.

That is extremely low. Current going rates are about 3 times that offer. Do not sell for that price.

Are you selling the minerals or are you talking about the lease bonus offer?

Im trying to understand the offer a little better. Are they offering 5,000 total dollars for 4 net acres? If so, that even worse. 5,000 per acre is an insulting offer but if its actually 1,250 per acre (5,000 for 4 NMA) it would almost be a criminal in my opinion.

There offering 5,000 for 4 net mineral acres . So that would only bring in about 20,000 seems low. Id like to find someone to pay more .

Whats a lease bonus offer? I see that Devon Energy wants to drill a sidewinder for gas and fracking on this exact piece .

Id like to sell actually

I recommend getting ahold of Harrison and Mecklenburg, Inc. They are a local attorney firm that has been in the area for a long time and represented mineral owners for leasing and sales of their minerals for a long time. They will be more in tune with current prices and buyers.

Harrison & Mecklenburg, Inc:

202 N 6th St

Kingfisher, OK 73750


Worth a call for sure even if you don't use them, they can help educate a little more in the activity price and well results.

Did Sandstone happen to mention Devon filing the corporation commission activity for a new HZ well on your minerals in the last few weeks? If not, you might remind them about Croslin V. Enerlex, Oklahoma Supreme Court Case # 109786

seems low but may be unknown factors.

msg me and i can discuss privately

No they did not metion them. I actually mentioned them as I had recieved paperwork from devon .

Seems low to me, but I don't know how much drilling they are doing in that area. FYI, I turned down an offer of 13,500 an acre for 13.3 acres but that was in 27-17-12.

That is way to cheap in there. I have 38 acres in 2-15n-10w. I have had offers up a lot from that