Blaine County, Section 29,township19 north, range 12 west 29-19N-12W

After receiving several notices that 2 horizontal drilling permits were being requested ( and approved) we haven’t heard any new news regarding these lately. Anybody have some more information about what’s going on in the area with Staghorn petroleum ?

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I’ll hopefully have some time to look this up in the next day or so. I Dont have any boots on the ground insight in that specific area but can search the various commercial data sources I have and circle back.

Staghorn funded by EnCap Private Equity according to their website.

No new horizontal permits for 29-19N-12W posted yet.
Staghorn listed as operator for Wymer 29-1 which was still online as of May 2018 according to the tax site.

Any news about activity in this area ? Haven’t hear anything since the initial proposition to drill 2 horizontal wells… Time to sell since we haven’t heard any more ?

You would have to consider the pros and cons to selling. If you sell, then you may have to pay capital gains tax, but can invest in other things. If you keep, then then you have a longer range view of things and that may pay off in the longer time frame.

Thing is, most buyers, and probably ALL buyers that contact you to purchase, will know lots more about activity and actual value at whatever date you decide to sell if you make that decision. That’s what they do for a living. So, when your minerals had more potential they were worth more. Now that things have slowed down the price someone is willing to pay today is less. That’s the hard part about valuing minerals, no crystal ball.

I definitely agree with M Barnes suggestion. Keep and watch this invest grow in time.