Blaine County Section 23, 15 North, 13 West

I have mineral rights for 10 acres in this section. I signed a 3yr lease with Cimarex last April for $750 and 3/16. We are way up north in Alaska and really have no idea what is going on. It seems like Continental has been applying for a forced pooling in that section and then we got a notice of Cimarex drilling in December. Is our section involved in that? And who do I contact to see if/when and how long it might be before we see any results from that property? M Barnes, I really trust what you've been saying in these discussions. What would your advice be?

Carl, you can look up the following Cause #s on the OCC website. Type in the following numbers in the Case # box

201503333 Spacing

201503334 Horizontal

201503335 Location exception

201503692 Pooling

All the documents are there and you can download for your files. The pooling order states that Continental plans a multiunit well from 14-15N-13W into 23-15N-13W with 50% in each section (proposed). The pooling order was dated October 7, 2015 and the well is supposed to be spud within 180 days of that date, so about April 7, 2016. If they start then, you won't hear much for 8-9 months. About two to drill and complete. Maybe a completion notice will be filed about four months after that and a division order about five-six months after first sales. The well will be called Ingrams Corner 1-14-23XH. If you are duly leased, then just sit back and wait.

You can monitor the spud of the well from the well records site on the OCC. Type in 1415N13W in the legal location. You may have to wait a few days. I know there is a permit, but it isn't showing up there yet. Friend me on the blue button above and I can send it to you.

I received a copy dated 12/4/15 that Cimarex is seeking relief to driil a horizontal well in Section 23, 15N, 11W. We have been listed as a respondent. Is this a different well than the CRI well (Ingrams Corner) then?

Yes, it is a different well. 23-15-13W is 12 miles west of 23-15N-11W. Each section is 640 acres or a mile square. Your well is just in the regulation stages. I don't see a permit for it yet.

The Ingrams well was just completed at 183 BOPD and 7832 mcfpd. Nice well.

I attached a copy of the Blaine County Map so you can eyeball the difference. It has the Township and Ranges on it.

940-BlaineCountyMap.pdf (383 KB)