Blaine County Section 19-16N-13W

Any thoughts on potential for drilling there, and a good price to lease or sell at this time?


There has been quite a lot of leasing in the last few months in 16N-13W (and in northern Blaine County), mostly from Providence, Red Stone, Continental, Cimarex, etc.

There have been a handful of good Woodford wells drilled in your township a few years ago, but they are mostly gas.

The only current filings are by Cimarex to possibly drill a multiunit well in nearby sections 4 and 9.

So, comparatively speaking, things look pretty good compared to a year ago. Some of the renewed interest surrounds the Meramac play. Cimarex has drilled some good ones in Blaine County, but no one has drilled any yet on the far western edge of Blaine County where you are. I haven't heard any specific lease bonus amounts, but you might see things in the $1000 range and higher.