Blaine County Section 1 14N 13W

Continental wants to put a horizontal well on my property... I need to better understand how it will all play out. Are they paying to construct the well on my land? From what I understand it is a massive amount of work and damage to the property. I understand there could be a considerable amount of financial gain but also understand this is a pooling play for STACK. I know that there is an up coming hearing to amend the previous orders on the land (there are currently 3 natural gas well on the property which have not really produced in years) and grant the order to build a new well. So what happens after the order are granted?

We are property and mineral owners.


One horizontal well will service two entire sections, so it does not necessarily mean that the well is actually on your land. However, small or not, these 3 old wells are actively producing, and you are held by the terms of previous leases.

If they do put a well on your land, they will approach you and pay you far more than market value for a well site - which may turn out to be 3 or 4 acres. They will also pay well for any pipelines crossing your property.

To be honest, I usually look forward to both of these opportunities - in some years I make more on stuff like this than I do on my wheat crops.

You can easily see and judge from yourself about the damage to the property by looking at the numerous recent well sites in Blaine county. It looks big and bad while they are drilling and fracking, but after they leave, you usually have a Christmas Tree, some tanks, and a gravel pad of 3 acres or so.

After all the paperwork is approved (and sometimes before) they start drilling. If the well is to be put on your property, you will be contacted. They do have some options about placement of horizontal wells, so if the location really bothers you, you can complain and see if they decide to go elsewhere.

How do I find out what or know what fair market value is? Where can I go to find out?

It varies over time and with company. You can get feedback from others on this forum when the time comes. For example, I’ve gotten $30,000 for a well site and $250/rod for single pipeline right of way, if that gives you some idea.

The most recent pooling just to the north of you in 36-15N-13W was by Continental for $975/ac 3/16th or $375/ac 1/5th for leasing. If you have both the surface and mineral rights, you can lease the mineral rights (unless you are held by production) or get pooled for similar values as listed above or you will be held by production from the earlier gas wells. You lease the surface rights separately and use that lease to really spell out the protections you want for your surface. You didn't describe where in the section your surface rights are, so you may not have the well on your surface holdings. Looks like you might be held by the previous gas wells. The last production I see on the tax site is from August 2015. Go back to your original lease and see if you have shut-in clause. If they don't produce for a year, they have to pay you a shut in penalty or release the lease. Getting close....Did you get leased or pooled before? If leased, your are probably held. If pooled, then maybe you can lease if the pooling was for different zones than the new pooling.

Okay, you lost me in the dust... my grandmother handled every thing up until her death. My mom and her brother have also put in their time, but I am the fresh eyes. I have been reading a lot hte past two weeks, because we feel we have been to relaxed with Continental in the past. But as much as I have learned you just opened a world I don't understand. I will track down the original lease, can I ask you to dumb down what you are saying in the first part of your reply? I can't even tell which of what your saying is good or bad... profitable or not.


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