Blaine County section 1-14-12

I'm hoping that someone can tell me if anything is going on in this section. The Wray well has been produced by Continental for a few years now. Several months ago they drilled the Nuzum, but as far as I know, nothing has been done to get it into production. We've heard rumors but they're just that, rumors about other wells being drilled by Marathon. Your help is appreciated.

Records reflect the Wray well last produced back in November 2015. The Nuzum shows to have an active permit but no production is noted. No one else has filed a permit as far as the records I've checked. I'd contact Continental and ask to speak to the landman who handles Blaine County to find out what's going on.

I agree with Miss Cindy. Just call the landman at Continental Resources and ask what is happening. You might have to talk to a few different persons before you get the correct person. You might also try talking to someone in production engineering about what is planned for the Wray well.