Blaine county sec 25-16n-10w oklahoma

Hello, Just a quick question:
We got an “Order Granting Motion to Reopen” for The Oppel Wells; Oppel 1610 2H-24X

Oppel 1610 3H-24X

Oppel 1610 4H-24X

Oppel 1610 5H-24X

Does anybody know what this means? Thank you,


What is the case wanting to Re-Open or better yet, what is the Cause #? I can only guess that Newfield is wanting to open the case having to do with Multi-Unit wells so they can specify the unit participation percentages for each of the wells, based on the percentage of perforations that are in each section that make up the unit.

Todd M Baker

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The Cause CD NO 201807281 and Order NO 702650 Do you think this will hold up our checks, we are supposed to receive October 26th!

Quite often, those reopening are to post the actual splits on the wells. When you have multi section wells, the division order interests need those final determinations of the percent of perforations in each section to be officially reported. Then they can calculate the decimal interests for each well.

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Probably won’t change anything. This is normal.

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Hello, I’m curious why there is no production reports on the OTC website for the Oppel well Blaine county sec 25-16-10 their are 7 wells and the last production posts were July but we have been paid through August. Encana/Newfield is the operator are they not regulated to provide the information? Thanks for any input!

The OTC runs about four months late.

Thank you, you are so prompt and helpful!

Hello, Question on horizontal wells Blaine County Section 25-16-10! We have 8 wells on this called the Oppel. We have been getting royalties since September, i would like to know if there is a place or person who can determine the longevity of these wells? Thank you,

That’s the $64000 question. With 8 wells, depletion is accelerated. You can count on 75-80% depletion in the first year. Another 10-15 years of low production is probably a good guess.

Thank you Todd! I appreciate your help!