Blaine County Oklahoma Section 8 15N 12W

I have a lease with Cimarex Energy - lately we have been getting deluged with huge amounts to buy our mineral rights whether leased or not - last one was $20,000 per net mineral acre.

Does anyone know what is going on in that area?

You are in a very hot play right now called the STACK. Please read the latest investor presentations from Cimarex, Continental Resources, Marathon Oil, Newfield, just to name a few.

Sounds like someone has a heads-up that multiple wells may be drilled on your acreage. Please read over the comments and discussion forum for the last few months to get a feel for the activity. If I were you, I would hang on to your minerals unless you have an extreme need for the cash-even then, don't sell all of them. Friend me if you want more information.

Thanks but how do you "friend" someone - Im new to the site


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Clint Liles

I am in section 24 in the same township. Who offered you $20,000 per nma?

I honestly dont remember there have been so many Echo energy has called

us at least 6 or 7 times - they wont get off the phone - let me go thru my files

also my cousin in Houston got the same offer - the next highest was $12,500 an acre

and then I think someone mentioned $15,000 an acre - when I told the guy from Echo no

he asked me "at what price will you sell" - its crazy what are they expecting to happen there?

Certain parts of Blaine county have four -five stacked reservoirs -very good reservoirs-with multiple wells planned, so Echo wants a piece of it. For those great areas, $15000 is not even close to what they are worth over the long haul. So that is why you are getting the offers. I have heard of offers greater than $35,000. So the question is, hmmmm, if a company offers $35,000 an acre, don't they think they will be making a substantial profit even at that high rate. If I have a family and heirs to think about, then wouldn't I want to hang onto those acres and have my family benefit? If you have no heirs, have medical issues or a real need for the money, then think about selling part at a very high rate and keeping part, so you have some money now and some money later. We are keeping ours!!

article on the stack

After reading this article this line really is amazing: so maybe thats why all the offers!

"In the early stages, the STACK Play appears to have enough potential to shape not just Oklahoma’s oil and gas production, but domestic oil and gas production as a whole."

Some very good illustrations for the area can be found in the recent Q1 and Q2 reports from Continental Resources, Newfield, Devon, Marathon and Cimarex. They have some excellent maps, pictures of planned drilling, etc. Look them up under the company name, investor presentations.

OK I will thank you!

Is it reasonable to assume that if Elaine is in section 8 and I am in section 24 of the same township that we should have similar mineral characteristics?

In this case, probably, if you are talking about the shale plays since they are so widespread. This would not always be the case in conventional reservoirs. Similar, but not necessarily identical for the shales. I do not have the data to say for sure.

We are new to all of this so please bare with me if I ask crazy questions. We are in the Long drawn out process of claiming mineral rights in 8 counties that we inherited from a family trust that was passed from a mom to her three daughters and then my in laws. This is one of our areas. Can you tell me how I can get a copy of this lease or division order? Im not really sure what I need to do since this is a current lease going on and all of our family members are deceased (since 2004) so none of them have signed a lease or order.

Also, once we get everything straightened out with Unclaimed property, and file a copy of the new trust in each county, how do I find out about these active leases?

Thanks so much for your time and guidance!


I'm happy to explain the process, but it would be too long an explanation for this comments section. Feel free to email me at or give me a call at 512-772-1226 Ext. 101. I'm happy to explain the process.

Have a good day,

Cas Atchison, CPL

Your area is the what is called the STACK play. Multiple reservoirs with very high quality production. If you want to catch up on the area, look up the investor presentations for Q1, 2 & 3 from Continental Resources, Newfield, Marathon Oil, Devon and Cimarex. Look at their maps and read their plans for multiple wells in each section. I would submit that if someone is offering $20,000 per acre, they think it is worth far more than that. There is a huge amount of wheeling and dealing going on. First offers are usually low compared to actual value.

Read over the Blaine co forum comments over the last few months and you will get a good feel for what is happening. I am hanging onto my acreage!

I am in Blaine County 15N 12W section 8 I finally after 3 years received a packet from Cimarex asking for Ownership signatures and mailing address confirmation and also a tax id form and direct deposit form - I have 10 acres how can I know with the standard lease how much I will get in royalty? I heard they had a big strike there.

I just got a check from Cimarex but I dont know how to read the top column. What does Gross Volume and Gross value mean? Is it the amount of barrels? or what thank you

Gross volume is how much total Oil or gas was sold. Gross Value is the total price it sold for.

This link has more info. “Gross Volume” is described as “Quantity” on this page. Gross Value X Unit Price should = Gross Value. You normally won’t see an API number on an Oklahoma check stub. Deductions may or may not be details as this page shows.

Thank you for your help. This is the first check I have gotten from cimarex - however I noticed that there is no designation for OIL - only natural gas and skim. Does that mean oil production has not started?

I believe this should be the SHEPARD BIA 1H-0805X. If that is the case, there should be oil production. Almost 23000 barrels the first two months alone.